This specification allows a web page or web host to indicate the presence of a page for receiving and accepting donations. Anyone wishing to make a donation to the website can issue a request to this page, specifying the amount they wish to donate. The page will create a Web Payments Payment Request in the browser.

This is a good idea to getting artists and people paid, but this document unofficial and in early draft form.


Web Payment Donate URI provides a way for a User-agent to realize & act upon a "donation" endpoint provided by a web page.

A web host which is setup for WebPayment Donation URI will provide a endpoint, which when given an amount in the querystring, creates and shows Payment Request for that amount.



Two main uses are provided:

Discovering the Donation Acceptance Endpoint

In order to provide enhanced services to it's user, a User-agent must first become aware of the Donation Acceptance endpoint.

Three options are provided for advertisement:

Well-Known URI

Donation acceptance should be available on the designated Well-known URI", which is designated `/.well-known/donate`. Issuing a HEAD or GET request to this endpoint should be sufficient to indicate the presence of a Donation Acceptance implementation.

Embedded linked-data

Donation Acceptance can be indicated via embedded linked-data, via a EntryPoint with a `potentialAction` of DonateAction.


					"@context": {
						"@vocab": ""
					"@type": "EntryPoint",
					"url": "/.well-known/donate",
					"potentialAction": {
						"@type": "DonateAction"

This data may also be constructed as Microdata or RDFa markup in HTML.


Issuing a HTTP GET or POST to the endpoint will return a web page that ought fire a Web Payment Request, for the amount specified in it's "amount" query parameter.

GET /.well-known/donate?amount=20.00 HTTP/1.1
Date: Thur, 07 Dec 2017 20:51:35 GMT
Accept: text/html

Were a user to go to this page, they should expect a Web Payment Payment Request interface to appear in their User-agent.

If the user completes this payment request action, the donation is expected to be complete.